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Thank you for checking out C.Royce & NJ Trench the best, professional excavation & demolition contractors in New Jersey and welcome to our website. NJ Trench is a proven and experienced provider of water line excavation, sewer line excavation and storm drain excavation in northern New Jersey cities and towns such as Newark, Elizabeth, Paterson, Morristown, Parsippany, Warren, and many other northern NJ municipalities. So much focus goes into the design on the above ground structures and basics such as water lines, storm water treatment, sewer lines are where the foundation of a project begins. Our number one goal is to break ground for you so that the rest of the project can begin on time. As leading provider of excavation services for New Jersey we want you to turn to us for any project. We are experienced professionals in everything from large scale ditch digging for new residential developments to commercial building projects and government contracts. No job is beyond us and with our years of working as commercial excavators you can trust us with your next and future ditch digging and large scale excavation projects.

Contact us to speak to a professional member of our team about an estimate for your next job. You can reach us by filling out our CONTACT FORM   to speak to a member of the NJ Trench team now.

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NJ Trench is an excavation contractor that specializes in the three major areas of excavation services:


Our sole focus is on these core excavation services and we do these at expert level. While we do not do repairs on water and sewer lines or storm drains directly, we will gladly refer you to a plumber or professional repair specialist to meet your needs. We leave installation, replacement and repair to specialists in those areas. At NJ Trench, our job is to handle the excavation, ditch and trench digging and site work expertly, efficiently and painlessly for your project. If you think that you might have a project that involves ditch digging for storm drainage, water or sewer lines please fill out the CONTACT FORM on our site to request a free estimate. We are the best professional excavation team serving northern New Jersey and we’re ready to prove that to you.


Whether they’re residential or commercial, our water lines are literally our sources of life. There are so many reasons that water pipes need to be replaced, from municipal water pipe line systems to factory and neighborhood water systems. NJ Trench can handle them all. Water pipes can sometimes be positioned incorrectly, laid in the wrong soil type or an improper type of fill is placed around. All of these factors lead to a risk of the line bursting. That can not only be very costly to replace but obviously creates a serious issue for anyone relying on that water. Did you know that some older cities still contain water pipelines from the early part of the 20th century? Some of these are actually made out of wood and the risks there are pretty clear even to the untrained professional. We are committed to understanding the needs of your project. Managing water lines well is crucial and we’ll get the foundation of all of your water pipeline project on track the right way.

A water supply network or water supply system is a complicated network that links water from a source or drainage basin to your commercial or residential property. The parts of this system are the origin source or site of the water, the pipes to the water purification facility, the pipes from the water purification facility to the water storage facility, and from the water storage facility to the water main that distributes to your business or homes. We are fully qualified and experienced professionals in dealing with all of the complicated parts of these systems.


As experts in the trenching, ditch digging and excavation for each of the parts of this system, we understand the needs of large water users such as cities and the uses of smaller consumers of water such as a neighborhood development or a commercial business like a factory. We work closely with the water bureau and the water companies to ensure that your next project goes smoothly for the design of the system, the depth of the system and the implementation of the task of digging the trench to hold that systems. We understand water distribution networks and what the perimeters are that govern the positioning and depth.

Reach out to us to discuss the water line excavation needs for your next project. We’re happy to provide an estimate or consult further to learn how we can best serve you. Use our online CONTACT FORM, our seasoned pros are waiting to get your project started on time!


To begin a new project or renovation, it is crucial that the sewer lines are in properly placed and buried to insure they function correctly for the building and people they serve. We are experts at excavating digging the ditches your project needs to connect your structure to the sewer main line. We have worked with both major contractors and with government entities to get trenches dug the right way, efficiently and quickly so your project can get underway.

NJ Trench excavatingWhen digging sewer line ditches two things are most important. First is the location of the sewage main line. Second is capacity of the pipes being installed in the ditch we’re digging. Sewer lines are not something that cities or businesses want to dig up routinely and we will work with engineers and cities to make sure that we can get the job done superbly from the beginning. We are competent at both digging ditches for new installations and at digging up old sewage lines that are in need of repair or replacement.

Another major concern is making sure that ditches are positioned with the proper regulations and city guidelines. Sewer lines have to be a particular distance from the main structure. Sewer line trenches also have to be dug out in a way so that the sewage pipes to be installed will be the proper distance from the water lines per each city’s guidelines. Given that many cities require a 1/8’’ per foot slope we are competent at making sure that we can adhere to these rules. One would assume that digging a ditch is just that, but there is quite a bit more involved in doing the job properly for each project and we are confident that we are the right team to make sure that all of these stipulations are followed precisely.

NJ Trench is here for the big jobs, and we’re THE professional team to call for large scale sewer line excavation projects. Use our online CONTACT FORM to discuss your sewer line excavations needs now.

What cities do we cover?

We’ll consider anything in Morris County or Essex County such as Morristown, Parsippany, Denville, Randolph, Mountain Lakes, Chester, Mendham, Livingston, Madison, Summit, Chatham, Montclair, Jersey City, Paterson, Newark, Bloomfield


Storm drains have a variety of purposes but generally their primary function is to remove large amounts of water from the surface of streets, parking lots or other impervious surfaces roads, making the roads last much longer. The range of storm drains covers the basics of minor residential dry wells to massive municipal infrastructures. These drains then lead to either a combined sewer, which is where storm water and sewage are mixed together, or connects to a water source or treatment system.
In either case we are able to work with your city or other businesses to identify the correct positioning and locations of pipers so that new or replacement drain ditches can be dug out in the proper place.

storm-drain1There are three main portions of a storm drain and we dig the ditches for all parts of these crucial infrastructure systems. The first part is called the inlet. The inlet is the portion of the system and can either be a side inlet that is located on the curb or an inlet that is in the street itself and has grating across it. The street inlet is not very common in the United States. The inlet is just where storm water will enter the system just as the name implies.

The second part of the system which we will dig out for you is the piping which will connect the inlet with the outlet. Pipes can come in an array of shapes that can include oval, round, pear shaped, rectangular and many other shapes. These often have multiple options that go beyond a straight pipe. These options can include traps for catching debris, waterfalls and stairways.
The final part of the storm water drainage system is the outlet. The outlet is often a large opening at the end of piping that will have some sort of grating over it. This can lead to a pond, lake, man-made basin or retention pool. Whether the water needs to be channeled into an outlet that already or exists or needs to be created we will dig the trench efficiently and accurately.

Please fill out our CONTACT FORM for more information on our storm drain excavation services. Or don’t hesitate to call us directly at 973-755-1712 to speak to a member of our team immediately. Whether it’s for repair or replacement of existing storm drains or the installation of a new system, NJ Trench is the team you need for your excavation needs.



As one of the top excavation companies and digging services provider in NJ, we are fully licensed, bonded and insured. Equally important, we’ve been in business for over 20 years. With that level of experience, we’ve successfully tackled numerous major projects, completing them on time and on budget. When we say no job is too big, we mean it! There’s no water line, sewer line or storm drain excavation project we can’t handle. CRoyce-logo-250px